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Worship is more than just an encounter. It is more than an event. It’s even much more than a song or music. It’s an on-going process that actually is intended to be a lifestyle. In helping to fulfill the mission of encouraging others to become followers and examples of Christ, the worship experience at New Life Church is targeted to be an experience that is felt and modeled here yet lived out in our daily living through each member of the congregation. The sanctuary is the place we gather to experience the presence of God, give Him our worship, experience His word, and give praise for not only What He’s done, but for Who He is…God. We strongly believe that our relationship with the Holy Spirit enables us to go deeper in relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. Contemporary blended with tradition, the music is Spirit filled and vibrant. Yet opportunities to "be still" and know He is God are highly valued as well.


The music staff are made up of various kinds of people: teachers, moms, dads, management personnel, students, both professional and non-professional individuals. All are volunteer staff who lead us in to God's presence and help to provide a conducive atmosphere for worship through the flow of the Holy Spirit on a weekly basis.

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